Pulaski County to Move Forward with Formation of Redevelopment Commission


The Pulaski County Commissioners recently gave permission to move forward with a Redevelopment Commission for the county.

Pulaski County Community Development Commission Executive Director Nathan Origer approached the commissioners with the idea a few months ago and explained how it could help in terms of economic development.

“It allows us to look at Tax Increment Financing (TIF) if that’s something we want to do,” said Origer. “Let’s say the Town of Medaryville was hoping that they could acquire some of the buildings to own to rehabilitate because they can’t get private investment. A Redevelopment Commission has more flexibility than the government does on its own to make acquisitions, maintain and dispose of properties for development in a way that county government can’t really easily do without the RDC.”

Origer said it would be up to the commissioners to decide if five or seven members will make up the Redevelopment Commission Board of Directors.

Origer also mentioned that the Advisory Commission on Industrial Development met to approve offering sheets for the land in the industrial park in three tracts that can be subdivided. Bids for land will be taken until April 8, and those bids will be opened on April 9. Two prospects have expressed interest in purchasing property in the industrial park.

The commissioners encouraged Origer to start looking to model ordinances for county attorney review to develop the Redevelopment Commission. There would not be an initial cost to the county. Any costs would come from the Pulaski Community Development Commission’s budget when things start to roll.