Severance Pay for County Home Employees on Hold until State Provides Answers

Pleasant View Rest Home
Pleasant View Rest Home

The Pulaski County Council members will need more information from the state to see if any severance pay can be issued to the employees at Pleasant View Rest Home.

The council members discussed the issue briefly Monday night.

The county home is expected to close on March 31, and the commissioners had discussed the possibility of severance pay last week. County Attorney Kevin Tankersley previously said the county can’t give bonuses. The money isn’t theirs to spend in that kind of fashion. Tankersley also said the county can’t pay for work that isn’t done.

The issues surrounding the request have been brought to the State Board of Accounts, and the representatives are attempting to find the answer for the county officials. Until then, nothing can be done concerning the request.

The residents are currently finding other facilities in which to reside. The county council voted in October to not include funding for the Pleasant View Rest Home in the 2015 budget. However, three months of funding had to be provided as the county home was required to stay open so the residents could find alternate housing. The commissioners formally closed the operations at the county home since the council opted to no longer provide funds.