Smoke Detectors Available from Community Services of Starke County

Smoke DetectorA local nonprofit agency has smoke detectors available for families in need of the potentially life-saving devices. Community Services of Starke County Executive Director Joan Haugh says a couple of recent fire fatalities got her to thinking.

“I just felt we could save a life or two if we made sure every home had a smoke alarm – a working smoke alarm or sometimes two. So we applied to State Farm because they had a safety grant, and they awarded me some funds to purchase smoke detectors,” Haugh said.

The smoke detectors will be distributed through Community Services of Starke County. Area volunteer fire departments have agreed to install them. Haugh adds there are not income requirements to receive a free smoke detector.

“The only requirement is they need a smoke detector in their home, if they do not have one or do not have sufficient numbers. We will be giving them an educational piece also along with that so they understand the importance of changing the batteries and how to react to a situation.”

Anyone who would like a smoke detector can call Community Services of Starke County at 574-772-7070. Please leave your name, address, telephone number and township so arrangements can be made for the smoke detector to be installed and tested.