Starke County EMS Anticipates Significant Savings With New Oxygen Vendor


A change of oxygen vendors is expected to save Starke County EMS a significant amount of money. Director Keith Emigh told the county commissioners Monday he’s been comparison shopping from several suppliers. The county presently uses Praxair from South Bend for tank rentals and refills. However, Emigh says Plymouth-based American Welding charges quite a bit less for the same supplies. The county will save $225 per month on portable oxygen tank rentals and will also realize a savings on M and K tanks. Over the course of a year the savings will total nearly $3,000.

American Welding also charges less to refill each of the portable, M and K tanks. Emigh estimates this will save almost $3,600 more during a year’s time. He notes the county’s actual cost may vary depending on usage, which is based on patient volume. Also, the new vendor’s delivery cost is half of what the prior one charged, which will also save the county a lot of money.