Town of North Judson Preparing for Water Grant Application

North Judson Water TowerPlans are in the works in North Judson to rehabilitate a couple of water service structures.

The North Judson Town Council discussed a grant application during their meeting Monday night so work can begin to improve the town’s water towers and treatment system.

Clerk-Treasurer Donna Henry says the water towers are in need of rehabilitation.

“Maybe repainting on the inside, definitely repainting on the outside,” says Henry. “But you know, doing some rehab on the inside and – I’m not quite sure what else concerning our water system is included in that – but a big part of it is rehabilitating our water towers.”

Before submitting an application for the grant, an income survey must first be conducted.

The Kankakee-Iroquois Regional Planning Commission will be mailing the income survey to many North Judson residents in mid-March. A significant portion of those surveys is expected to be completed prior to grant approval.

Henry says North Judson would require a certain income level before qualifying for grant funds.

“To determine what our ratio is, about low to moderate income households and I’m not sure what those numbers actually are but KIRPC (Kankakee-Iroquois Regional Planning Commission) would be able to tell that,” says Henry.

North Judson has two water towers – one at the west end of town, the other downtown – both are in need of work.

Once the income surveys are submitted, the application for construction could be submitted by the summer.