West Central Students to Participate in First E-Learning Day this Saturday

 West Central students have missed six days of school due to bad traveling conditions this winter. The school board has approved three of those days to be made up with e-learning days.

Superintendent Don Street said they’re getting ready for the first e-learning day on Saturday, March 14.

“Our staff has been busy preparing and getting ready for some of the items that are necessary in helping our students be successful with e-learning days,” said Street.

The board did address e-learning and the process during last week’s meeting.

“The e-learning days allow students to make up required days of school using online platforms during the school year instead of adding days on at the end of the school year. For an e-learning day, students will be given relevant and practical school work on Friday with instructions. School work will be due on Monday.”

Assignments will be posted on the school’s website under the e-learning tabs. Teachers will be available on Saturdays to help students with assignments. The schools will also be open if students need internet access. Students will have different options on how to complete the school work as assigned.

Administrators will evaluate the process after the first e-learning day.

“Information will be gathered after each e-learning day and information will be evaluated to determine the educational benefits of e-learning and how we proceed in the future.”

Two other e-learning days are set for Saturday, April 11 and Saturday, April 18.