Winamac Town Council Plans Fence for Dog Park

Winamac Town Hall
Winamac Town Hall

The Winamac Town Council may soon be able to provide a service, without the hassle of managing conflicting schedules.

During last night’s Winamac Town Council meeting, members reviewed a bid to construct a fence in the town park’s 4-H area. That fence would be used to provide space for dog exercise and training. The 4-H club has agreed to donate more than $1-thousand to help complete the project.

Town Council President Kenneth McFarland says cost sharing provides incentives.

“We could probably come up with the money, but it gives them a little good feeling in their hearts to help themselves out,” says McFarland.

The Pulaski County 4-H club has requested use of the space, but their schedules were in conflict with youth softball and baseball organizations hoping to use the space for practices, or even games.

After sharing the diamonds last year, the Town of Winamac found other space in the park specifically for the dogs. The fence was bid at a cost of about $4-thousand.

McFarland says the change will allow for both groups to function.

“Now with moving the dog exercising park to the rear, it’ll open up the baseball leagues, and be beneficial to the 4-H so they can do it whenever they want to now,” says McFarland.

The Town is hoping to have the fence completed by early spring. One of the Town Council members donated more than $200 toward the project.

The bid for fencing materials was accepted by the council unanimously.