Winamac Town Council Reviews Bucket Truck Bids

Winamac Town Hall
Winamac Town Hall

The Winamac Town Council considered the purchase of some new equipment on Monday night.

The Town is in need of a new bucket truck. The trucks are typically characterized by an arm with a platform for workers to stand on.

Three companies bid the bucket truck – all three bids involved the same Versalift truck. The arm is through to extend 55 feet.

Among the three bids, Utility Truck Equipment was the lowest bidder at just under $193-thousand. Two other companies bid several thousand dollars higher.

Councilman Tom Murray put in his two cents on how the Town Manager should handle the situation.

“I feel that he can go over that and compare apples to apples and make sure they’re all bid the same. And if they are, I feel utility truck equipment is the lowest bid,” says Murray.

The Winamac Town Council agreed that the bids be taken under advisement by Town Manager Brad Zellers to help compare the bids.

Given that bids are the same, the Council agreed that the Town Manager and the Electric Superintendent move forward with the purchase of the lowest price company after ensuring the bids were comparable.