Winamac Town Employees Working To Retrieve Income Surveys

Winamac Town Hall
Winamac Town Hall

Income surveys continue to be gathered in Winamac.

The Town has decided to apply for grant funds to help fund for the exploration of a water well in the area. Part of the OCRA grant is meeting income requirements. Surveys with two questions were sent out to several Winamac residents to complete the task.

Winamac Town Manager Brad Zellers says the process is going a little slow.

“A lot of the houses did not send them back and in order to qualify to be able to get the grants, we need all of them turned in,” says Zellers.

Town employees have been going door-to-door in an effort to retrieve the income surveys.

Previous reports indicate that Winamac is looking to protect residents in the instance its current well is contaminated.

The grant in question would only pay for a hydro-geologist to explore for a second well in the area. The Town of Winamac has previous said a second grant may need to be found to pay for the infrastructure require to access the water.

Zellers says the slow process for survey collection won’t affect their timeline for completion.

“We’re proactive and we’ve got a really fast jump on it and we’re trying to stay active on it,” says Zellers. ‘We’re not behind by any means.”

Data collected by the income survey will be handled and analyzed by the Kankakee-Iroqouis Regional Planning Commission.

Representatives of the water department have previously said that the grant and exploration process could be lengthy.