Winamac Website Offers New Services; Works Through Glitches

Winamac Town Hall
Winamac Town Hall

The Town of Winamac recently launched its new website, and they hope it will eventually provide better services for residents.

The Winamac Town Council was updated on the website’s progress at their February meeting. Now that the website has been launched, officials with the Town say there are a few glitches needing to be worked out.

First Deputy Clerk Kim Burke says the glitches are largely limited to online utility payments.

“It wants you to put your account number and if you put spaces or dashes in, it’s not going to work,” says Burke.

The site has been under development since October of 2014.

An online fee has been implemented in order to take advantage of the convenience of online bill pay.

Burke says anywhere you pay online, there’s a fee.

“Most companies can absorb that cost so you never see it,” says Burke. “Well the Town can’t do that, we can’t pay the fee for everybody so it’s returned to the customer.”

The website was developed at a cost of $2,400 to the Town.

Information is also updated more frequently with the site, including updates to town ordinances and action taken by the Town Council.