Chamber: Advertising Company Using Questionable Tactics


Some questionable business tactics are being used to sell advertising.

That’s according to a notice sent by the Starke County Chamber of Commerce to its member business. The Chamber says it was notified by members that local businesses had been receiving phone calls from companies claiming to sell advertising for maps.

Chamber Executive Director Deb Mix says the companies contacting local businesses are claiming the ad space is being sponsored by the Chamber.

“I was told by the member that called me that the Chamber was noted as sponsoring this map, and I hadn’t heard anything,” says Mix. “I’m not sponsoring anything.”

United Ad Company has denied claiming the Chamber has sponsored the space. Plenty of map-making companies do sell advertising in local areas. Mix says not all maps are of the same quality, however.

The Chamber checked with other local organizations to see if they’re sponsoring space, including City of Knox and the Starke County Sheriff. According to a release, the City has not agreed to sponsor a map by the companies in question.

Mix says this doesn’t prevent local businesses from advertising, but the information is key to making a good decision.

“Anybody can take this information and just run with it,” says Mix. “If you want to advertise with them, that’s fine. But I just want them to know that you need to make sure it’s what you’re expecting it to be.”

The Chamber keeps a file of maps that provide examples to businesses interested in advertising.