Culver Academies Student Supporting Women’s Health

culver_logoAn area hospital will be providing services for women, this week.

As part of her senior service project, Olivia Sever – who attends Culver Academies – is organizing mammogram health screenings at the school. Mammograms are often used in the detection of breast cancer.

Saint Joseph Regional Medical Center will be providing the service in the parking lot next to the Recreation Center and Ice Rink on Friday. There are a few qualifications women must meet before participating. Patients must be at least 40 years old, and not have received a mammogram within the last year.

There are some exceptions to the rules, however. If a participant’s mother or sister has been diagnosed with breast cancer, a mammogram may be given if the participant is 10 or fewer years younger than her family at the time of diagnosis.

According to a press release from Culver Academies, Saint Joseph Regional Medical Center will be providing the results to the patient’s personal physician. It will be billed through the patient’s insurance.

Appointments can be made until Thursday this week, but there are only 12 spaces available for screenings.

Call 574-335-4500 to make an appointment.