Downtown Monterey Building Collapses

Sportsman bar

Sportsmans BarThe building that housed a former Monterey business collapsed Thursday night.

Pulaski County Commission President Larry Brady told WKVI News that Sportsman’s Bar and Grill at the corner of Walnut and Main Streets in downtown Monterey fell at about 5 p.m. ET. The building was vacant at the time and there weren’t any injuries reported. A few bricks had fallen from the structure earlier in the day.

Brady said Building Inspector David Dare was attempting to contact the owner of the property at the time WKVI was notified of the incident. Courtney Hardin of Crown Point is listed as the owner. Another individual purchased the property at a tax certificate sale, but ownership has not yet been transferred.

There is no cause of the collapse at this time, according to Brady. The building was not officially listed as unsafe.

Officials worked quickly to rope off the affected area and plans to clear the area of the rubble are being prepared.

Photos by Larry Brady