Eastern Pulaski School Board Tables Renovation Contracts


Some additional time to think is what the Eastern Pulaski School Board needs when it comes to the cost of school renovations.

A multi-million dollar renovation is being undertaken of the Eastern Pulaski School Corporation’s elementary school and middle/high school. Project designs were finalized some time ago, but making an official hire for the project has hit a bit of a snag.

Superintendent Dan Foster says the school board is getting further clarification on a few things

“We are still a little bit uncertain on what’s going to happen on the elementary portions,” says Foster.

After the bidding process, Eastern Pulaski’s high school renovations were estimated to cost $600-thousand more than initial estimates. The elementary school came in a curious $2.4-million above estimates.

The school board says it is having its architects review the matter with the construction companies bidding the project.

Foster says the school corporation anticipates being able to move forward with the high school project a little later this month, but additional clarification is needed for the elementary school

“It could be a situation that we delay again,” says Foster. “It could be a situation where we have to go back to the drawing board and say ‘we’re going to take some things out of here’ and re-bid it.”

A special meeting has been called for April 27th for school board members to review the project scope and ask additional questions.

The contracts for work on the project were tabled.