Eastern Pulaski Schools Seeking Additional Opportunities for Students


The Eastern Pulaski School Corporation is looking to develop and fund alternative education opportunities for students.

During Monday night’s School Board meeting, Eastern Pulaski board members considered an Early Entrance/Developmental Kindergarten program. The area has an underserved population of children who may need additional socialization skills.

Superintendent Dan Foster says if parents commit, their students would receive two years of Kindergarten.

“The first year would be focusing on a lot of the basics and getting them up to speed and then the second year they would go age appropriate they would go into the traditional Kindergarten setting,” says Foster.

Students would come to the elementary school at the age of four to be screened.

In that same spirit, the Eastern Pulaski School Board also gave approval for a grant submission for programs at the high school level. The state of Indiana provides funding for alternative education. The school corporation intends to run an alternative school this year.

Foster says the first year, eight to 10 students are expected in the program.

“We’re trying to catch some students up who have fallen behind with credits or they’ve transferred in and they’re behind because some of the credits did not transfer in exactly correctly with what we have,” says Foster.

Students with a home life qualifying them to work part-time and attend school part-time may also qualify.

The school corporation says that not only would it provide an alternative learning environment for students who may be struggling, they may expand opportunities for students interested in taking additional AP coursework.

The school board approved both measures.