Final Readings Forthcoming for Culver Housing Development

culver town hall

The Town of Culver held a public hearing on a project that may see housing developed along State Road 10.

What was initially named “Harbor Landing” has seen a change to “Maple Ridge Villas” to prevent confusion for emergency responders. The development calls for about 30 homes, or condominiums, that will be priced between $175-thousand and $250-thousand.

Construction Management and Design is undertaking the effort. Vice President of Operations Cory Collins says this project will happen in phases.

“Phase one which will be approximately 12 homes will start the minute we gain approval from the Town Council,” says Collins. “As soon as possible, hopefully in June of this year. We would most likely finish those 12 homes by December 1st.”

The next two phases will work on nine homes each.

The development has already received a recommendation from the Culver Plan Commission. A public hearing before the Town Council was scheduled for Tuesday evening.

Members of the public had the opportunity to ask questions about sidewalks, lighting, and water drainage in the plans. The development is expected to take around 14 months after final approval by the Town Council.

Collins says the development will allow for a Homeowners Association.

“Snowplowing, salting the sidewalks, it’ll handle all the mowing, lawn care, trimming. All that stuff,” says Collins.

It was initially proposed that some of the housing units may be rented, but Construction Management and Design says they don’t plan to have problems selling the units.

The Culver Town Council approved the matter on first reading. The matter will come back at their next meeting for possible second and third approval.