Fire Officials: Don’t Burn Yard Debris on a Windy Day


Temperatures are becoming more spring-like and it’s tempting to get out into the yard to get rid of leaves and brush left over from the winter months. The most common way to get rid of the debris is to burn it. On occasion, burn piles can get out of control, and the fire department is called to assist a homeowner in putting out the flames.

Firefighters have responded to several brush fires in the past few days.

Knox-Center Township Fire Chief Kenny Pfost urges you to choose a nice day to burn any of that debris.

“First of all, try not to burn on a windy day. It seems like that’s when we have the most fires is when it’s really windy. Choose a calm day. Also, make sure you’re compliant with local ordinances. Have a water source and try not to burn outside of what you can handle. Don’t burn after dark.”

Fire officials urge residents to take caution if burning is the preferred method of ridding the property of yard waste. Despite the recent moisture received, it is still very dry. Do not leave fires unattended. Burning after dark is prohibited.

Pulaski County residents cannot burn leaves in roadways or within five feet of a road pavement edge. The county commissioners passed an ordinance prohibiting the practice in 2014. Burning leaves and brush on asphalt pavement causes damage to the road surface.