Kersting’s Hosts Biker Festival This Weekend

Motorcyclists gather for the ride
Motorcyclists gather for the ride

Area bikers will have a chance for some food, and some spirituality, this weekend.

Kersting’s Cycle Center in Winamac is hosting its annual Biker Festival. Part of that festival includes giving the motorcycles of those in attendance a proper blessing.

Kersting’s General Manager Sandy Rudd says it’s a way to bring a lot of people together.

“It really started catching on and with the right weather and a perfect day, we’ll have 500 bikes here,” says Rudd.

The event was started after the business heard of a similar event in the western United States.

A local pastor will be brought in to share a few words and provide blessings the for individual motorcycles – something Rudd says often makes the riders feel safe for the season.

Several booths will be set up for the attendees to receive information. Rudd says their Bike Blessing has grown into one of the first events in the motorcycle industry.

“A lot of people are just getting ready to go out and ride for the season, and it’s just grown bigger and bigger,” says Rudd.

Music was scheduled to be provided, but the weather forecast has led the band to cancel for the event.

The event will take place at Kersting’s Winamac location on Saturday at 1:00 EDT.