Know Local Requirements before Scheduling Yard Sales


Many residents will be shopping at their neighbor’s homes for deals when the yard sale season gets underway this summer.

The City of Knox requires residents to apply for a permit before hosting a sale. According to the ordinance, which can be found on the city’s website, a fee of $5 will be assessed for a one or two-day permit and $10 for a three or four-day permit. Four city-issued signs will be given with the permit. Any items not sold in the sale will need to be removed from the property. The only time the permit requirement and fee are waived is in the case of the city-wide yard sale. It is scheduled for the third weekend in May.

The Town of North Judson also has a permit requirement. Clerk-Treasurer Donna Henry tells WKVI a one or two-day sale will require a $10 permit and sales lasting three or four days will need a $17 permit. One sale may be held per quarter of the year at a residence. Four signs come with the permit, and any items remaining from the sale need to be removed following the sale. Any signs advertising the sale must also be taken down immediately following the sale.

The Town of Hamlet does not have a permit process for yard sales. The town-wide yard sale event in Hamlet begins this Thursday, April 30 and runs through Saturday, May 2.