Knox Board of Public Works to Meet Today


The Knox Board of Public Works will talk more about the towing agreement when they meet this morning.

The board recently approved an amended agreement and two towing companies have signed the agreement already. The Knox City Council approved a resolution last week to authorize Mayor Rick Chambers to sign the document and to enter into agreements. The towing companies that sign the towing agreement will be used on a rotational basis. If the company is contacted and a representative does not answer, the next company on the list will be utilized.  The agreement will be reviewed again by the board this morning.

The Board of Works will also discuss loaning a K9 car kennel to the county for use by the officer. They will also review an internet service contract with Fourway. Street Superintendent Jeff Borg, Water Superintendent Todd Gardner and Waste Water Superintendent Kelly Clemons will also give department updates.

The Board of Works will meet at 9:30 a.m. at Knox City Hall.