Knox City Council Approves Purchase of New Stop Light

 The stop light at Main and Culver Roads in Knox will be replaced.

A proposal was given to the city council that will include labor, wiring, installation, control box, for a brand-new stop light with LED lighting at a cost of $5,250. Other estimates given to the city for the past several years have been over ten times that amount.

Street Superintendent Jeff Borg reviewed the equipment and was satisfied with what the company is offering. The stop light the company received was the wrong color and would not be approved by the state. The company put the stop light into storage until the opportunity arose to find the stop light a home in Knox.

The current stop light at the intersection by the Knox Middle School is about 50 years old. Mayor Rick Chambers said it was the stop light that used to hang on U.S. 35 and New York Street in the 1960s to help the traffic flow around the old middle school. The stop light was taken down at that location in the late 1970s. It was later installed at its current location. Parts are becoming scarce to refurbish the light, and the city council has been searching for a replacement stop light for several years.

The purchase was unanimously approved. Funding will come from a line item in the EDIT fund in the budget that was appropriated for this purchase.