Knox Fire Hydrant Replacement Plan Presented

HydrantSeveral fire hydrants will be replaced in Knox this spring.

Water Superintendent Todd Gardner said the hydrants on John Street in front of the apartment building will need to be changed out. He said they are over 100 years old and are not functioning. He’s concerned because there isn’t adequate fire protection in that area if a structure fire were to occur. Another hydrant on the corner of John and Prettyman Streets will be replaced, as it is broken off at the ground.

A fire hydrant without a valve and tie-in at the intersection of East and Mound Streets will be swapped out in order to have a functioning hydrant. The hydrant behind the B&K restaurant will also be replaced, and another in the area will be removed as it doesn’t work.

Gardner said water lines and hydrants will be flushed during the week of April 27. The water department crews will be performing the task during the day. If residents experience discolored water, let it run until it is clear.