Lack of Funding Delays Pulaski County Road Maintenance

 Pulaski County officials may receive the same information relayed to the Marshall County government bodies concerning funding for county roads.

Pulaski County Highway Department General Foreman Terry Ruff told the commissioners the county will have to scrap regular maintenance this year in order to fix roads damaged by the frost line. He says doing both would cost the county an additional $200,000. Ruff says 20 miles of roads will be worked on this year in the southern part of the county. Chip and seal work will be done, and severely damaged roads will be ground up and reconstructed.

Pulaski County Commissioner Bud Krohn, Jr. attended Wednesday’s joint Marshall County Council and Commissioners meeting to learn about options for taxes dedicated to road repairs.

The Pulaski County Commissioners also brought up the enactment of a frost law when they met this week, but no decisions were made. It’s a seasonal restriction on traffic weight limits and speeds on roadways subject to pavement damage due to thaw weakening.