LaPorte Police Department Releases Operation Pull Over Results


Officers from the LaPorte Police Department worked an extra 84.5 hours during a recent 10-day Operation Pull Over enforcement blitz. They were on high alert for various moving violations that create safety hazards for other motorists. Prior to the blitz officials analyzed crash data from 2014 to determine the 10 most common contributing factors and the most dangerous days and hours for crashes. Officers used that data to concentrate their efforts in areas where they would do the most good.

More than half of the extra patrol hours were at night. Officers wrote a total of 149 citations and 58 warnings. Of the citations, 84 were for speeding; 20 for automatic signal/stop sign violations and failure to yield; 16 were for seatbelt violations; and four each were for driving while suspended and operating with no license. The remaining citations were for assorted other traffic violations. Officers also made two misdemeanor and one felony criminal arrests.