North Judson Grocery Store May Have Buyer, Pending Incentives

North Judson Water TowerA grocery store put up for sale in March of this year may be taking another step.

Whether the deal goes through for the store’s purchase, however, may be influenced by the North Judson Town Council. Ray’s Super Foods operated in North Judson for the past 18 years, but the owners announced in an advertisement that they intended to “make a change.”

North Judson Town Clerk Donna Henry says there may be a buyer for the location, but an incentive in the form of a loan may be needed to help complete the transaction.

“Apparently there’s [sic] a couple of other governmental entities that have used that capability, or at least they’ve used that capability and it may be something that the Town of North Judson can take advantage of,” says Henry.

Starke County has been experiencing a dwindling number of grocery stores in recent years.

The Town is working with the Starke County Economic Development Foundation on the project. The company purchasing the location – which was not disclosed by the Town Clerk’s offices – says any loan from the Town may help move the process along.

Henry says the Town of North Judson has not made a loan to a private business in past years.

“I had not been aware that we could even do that so I sent an e-mail to the State Board of Accounts and Department of Local Government and Finance to inquire about it, and I’m waiting for a response from them,” says Henry.

Other incentives such as property tax abatements are not on the table.

The matter will receive further consideration at the North Judson Town Council’s next meeting.