North Judson Town Board Approves Mowing Contract, Issues Sewage Reminder

North Judson Water TowerThe lone contractor to submit a timely cemetery mowing bid to the town of North Judson will do the work this year. Clerk-Treasurer Donna Henry says the town council awarded the bid to Shef’s Lawn Care Services. Their $15,000 bid includes mowing of Highland and Pioneer Cemeteries and other miscellaneous lawn care around town.

Henry says the town will also have to replace two sewer grinder pumps on James and 3rd Streets that burned out recently. Crews discovered a rag mop tangled up in one and a sweatshirt sleeve in the other. Henry says the only way the items would have gotten into the sewer line was by being flushed down the toilet. She reminds residents to only flush toilet paper. Other items could clog the system, even if they are labeled as safe for flushing.