Pulaski County Government to Consider Obtaining Additional Road Funding

 The Pulaski County Council and Commissioners will be looking into gathering more funds for county roads.

Commission President Larry Brady said the roads severely deteriorated this past winter. Brady told the county council members this week that he chatted with the employees at the highway department who say they’re dipping into this summer’s funding to repair frost line-damaged roads.

Brady commented that he attended a road funding informational session in Indianapolis recently, and officials there urged counties to use all of the resources available to create funding for road projects. Brady said the county can’t look to the state for additional money.

One option the county has is a wheel tax. County highway officials will be collecting data to give to the government leaders to help them make an informed decision.

Council member Michael Tiede and Commissioner Terry Young talked about the probability of passing a frost law, but no action was taken. More discussion will be held on the topic in future meetings of both government bodies.