Rubble in Building Collapse to be Removed Monday

Sportsman bar second dayWork continues to secure an area in Monterey where a building collapsed this week.

The structure that once housed Sportsman’s Bar and Grill gave way around 5 p.m. ET on Thursday. The building was vacant at the time of the incident. No injuries were reported.

Pulaski County Building Administrator David Dare told WKVI news that work has been ongoing to move the rubble into a central location for removal next week. Efforts are being coordinated to remove the remaining debris beginning on Monday. Dare said fencing and caution tape surrounds the area to create a safer environment. Dare mentioned that several Monterey residents assisted officials in clean-up and securing the area.

Dare believes that the structure may have suffered water damage that weakened the structural integrity of the brick building. He indicated that he was not aware of any issues with the building prior to Thursday. The structure was not flagged as condemned or in need of immediate repair.

An engineer will be hired to study damage to an adjacent building during the collapse to see if it is structurally sound.