State Sen. Arnold Supporting Tougher Regulations for E-Cigarette Liquids

Senator Jim Arnold
Senator Jim Arnold

The liquid used in e-cigarettes could be regulated under legislation being sponsored by State Senator Jim Arnold.

House Bill 1432 would clarify the liquid used in vapor pens as intended to be inhaled. If the bill is signed into law, manufacturers of the liquid would be required to obtain a proper permit. That permit would cover a period of five years.

According to a press release from Senator Arnold’s offices, opponents of the bill authored changes to restrict regulations that may have changes current business practices. Exactly which business practices entail was not disclosed.

The bill would also restrict the ingredients that can be used in the e-liquids. Tougher regulations would be placed on retailers of the product as well, including being disallowed to sell to minors.

The bill passed the Indiana Senate on a 33-15 vote.

Senator Arnold says the bill is important to protect Hoosiers from unclean manufacturing procedures.