Strong Winds Could Plague Area Today


There is a potential for severe weather in the area today. Marshall County Emergency Management Agency Director Clyde Avery says it depends on how several meteorological aspects set up today.

Avery says strong winds will most likely plague the area with a risk of tornadoes. Strong winds may break off tree limbs and create traffic hazards.

“If you’re driving in an area where you see limbs across the roadway and if there are wires entangled in those limbs, we strongly discourage people from getting out and trying to move the limbs from the roadway,” said Avery. You just don’t know if those lines are energized. The best thing to do is try a different route and notify the sheriff’s department or your local law enforcement agency, or the power company and let them know.”

Avery notes that it’s important to keep some items handy in case of a power outage.

“Make sure emergency preparedness radios have a backup battery in them so you can stay up to date on any changes in the weather situation. Make sure that you have a good working flashlight. You might want to put some water in your emergency preparedness kit in case you live in the country, and your well doesn’t work. The power could be out for several hours or up to several days depending on the damage to the infrastructure.”

He also reminds residents to keep generators outside of homes when in use.

The month of April has been quiet in terms of weather which is surprising, according to Avery. He will be monitoring NOAA weather reports and will release any emergency information if warranted.