Structural Concerns Delay LaCrosse Feed Mill Explosion Investigation

Boom 28Concerns over the stability of a grain elevator that exploded last week, injuring four employees, have delayed the investigation into the cause of the blast. Experts at the LaCrosse Feed Mill site say some work will need to be done first to make the structure safe for entry.

The April 16 explosion blew out the northeast side of the elevator, throwing debris several hundred feet. A fence has been put up around the site, which is owned and operated by Avon-based Co-Alliance. Yesterday the LaCrosse Volunteer Fire Department was called back to the elevator due to a smoldering pallet fire inside the damaged facility. They applied foam and water to the fire but were unable to enter the building due to safety concerns. Officials say the pallet that caught fire was loaded with bagged feed. They do not foresee any public safety concerns.

Of the four employees injured in the fire, three remain hospitalized undergoing treatment for severe burns.