The Crossing Hosts Spring Celebration

The CrossingAn alternative school with a location in Starke County is hoping to showcase what they’ve accomplished this year.

The Crossing Educational Center will be hosting their spring celebration on Thursday. Students will have the opportunity during the event to talk about what they’ve learned with parents, board members, and community members in attendance.

Site Administrator Courtney Gant says students have been performing well.

“We’ve got a lot of students that have never earned a high school credit that are getting A’s and B’s in their classes and are earning credits like crazy,” says Gant.

The alternative school – which is in its first year – has tripled its enrollment numbers since August to a total of 50 students.

During the spring celebration, several students will be addressing those in attendance on topics of student mentoring. Several other students will be discussing the school’s job training program.

Other students will be discussing struggles with drug addiction. Gant says the celebration is more than just promoting the school.

“It’s good for them to share because it solidifies in their mind what has really happened and it makes it really liberating for them to share their personal experiences and stories in a setting like that,” says Gant.

The celebration is considered a once a year gathering. Students at The Crossing will have a graduation ceremony a couple of months from now.

The spring celebration will take place April 30th at 6:30 at the Nancy J Dembowski Community Center.