Towing Agreement Update Given to Knox Board of Public Works Members


The Knox Board of Public Works again reviewed the towing agreement when they recently met. The members approved the agreement in March and the city council gave Mayor Rick Chambers permission to sign the document with participating towing companies.

Three companies have now signed the agreement. The companies are not in city limits, but representatives can arrive at the scene of an accident within 20 minutes. As part of the agreement, the companies will be used on rotational basis when called upon by the Knox City Police Department. One company would not supply certain documentation as required and won’t be on the list.

If the contractor does not answer the phone, the next company on the list will be called. It will be considered a rotational call and will not be made up. Vehicle owners may request their own towing service if the vehicle is not an immediate safety hazard. If a contractor is used in this fashion, it will not count as a call for service on the rotation schedule.

One item noted was the $1 million combined single limit personal injury liability. It was included in this year’s agreement which was a change from the previous year’s document.