Winamac Dog Park Fencing Complete

Winamac Town Hall
Winamac Town Hall

The Town of Winamac has nearly completed a new addition to the town park.

During Monday night’s Winamac Town Council meeting, updates on the fencing for a new dog park were received. The dog park was suggested due to conflicting schedules between the 4-H club and youth baseball and softball teams who were using the fields for practice.

Town Manager Brad Zellers says there are a few more things to do.

“We leveled a load of dirt out,” says Zellers. “It was up from the ground so the little dogs can’t get out.”

A bid for the fence of $4-thousand was approved by the Town Council at their previous meeting. The 4-H club donated funds to help complete the work.

The fence provides space in the park for dog training by 4-H members and allows residents to give their dogs exercise.

Zellers says the ball diamonds will be influenced as well.

“With the ball diamonds, I’m going to have signs made: no pets allowed on the ball diamonds,” says Zellers.

That’s in addition to Winamac working to finalize signs to instruct residents to pick-up after their pets in the dog park and a few other signs to provide instructions for conduct.

Providing water for the animals at the fenced-in site was also considered a concern.

No action was taken by the Town Council.