Winamac Town Council Considers Development of Solar Park

Winamac Town Hall
Winamac Town Hall

The Town of Winamac could soon help prevent resident’s energy prices from spiking with the seasons.

During last night’s Winamac Town Council meeting, a special meeting was considered for discussions on a possible solar energy park. The Indiana Municipal Power Agency (IMPA) has expressed interest in developing the solar park.

Town Council member Richard Denney says the project may take a while.

“It’s not going to happen in 2015 and more than likely it won’t happen in 2016,” says Denney. “This year’s construction is underway for three units and next year’s is pretty much solid.”

IMPA currently has three solar parks in Frankton, Rensellaer, and Richton.

Its 59 “member communities” have been asked to help develop the solar parks. In order for any development to take place, however, 20 acres of land would need to be found for sale. The Town of Winamac is currently eyeing space at the Industrial Park, north of the County Home.

Once land is secured, IMPA staff would handle development, construction, fencing, and mowing.

Town Manager Brad Zellers says the Town of Winamac would have a small role to play in the upkeep.

“The only thing we have to do: they would like our crew once or twice per week to drive through and see if the green light is on or if the red light is on,” says Zellers. “If the red light is one, then there’s a problem. Call them.”

Solar parks are incentivized due to a spike in energy demand during the summer months. By implementing solar energy, it is anticipated energy peaks would largely be eliminated for consumers.

A presenter from the Indiana Municipal Power Agency will be invited to give the Winamac Town Council more information.