Additional Appropriation for Trial Expenses Approved for Advertisement

  Court hearings and procedures leading up to a potential a murder trial in Pulaski County has forced the judge to ask for more resources to fund the proceedings prior to the trial date.

Pulaski Circuit Court Judge Michael Shurn asked the Pulaski County Council this week for an additional appropriation for $25,000 for examination of prisoners.

Paul Katschke is accused of murdering his live-in girlfriend, 34-year-old Amber Rene Taylor, in their Denham home in August of last year. Katschke has undergone court-ordered mental competency evaluations. Judge Shurn said there were $12,000 to $13,000 in outstanding bills that need to be paid.

“There are doctor depositions, we’re going to have a hearing on competency, and then we’re going to have an insanity defense – now pending. The doctors have examined that. They’ll come back one more time to testify in pre-hearings and then they’ll come back to testify in regards to trial – if they actually go to trial,” said Shurn.

Judge Shurn told the council that if the trial is held, he could request an additional $50,000 to cover costs.

The council unanimously approved the advertisement for the funds as presented.