Authorities Say Stabbing Suspect Attempted to Kill Himself

Michael Kasten Sr.
Michael Kasten Sr.

A Winamac man who is charged with murder in Sunday’s stabbing death of his wife apparently tried to kill himself as well. Michael Kasten Sr., 59, is accused of stabbing his wife, Tina Kasten, 58, in the chest with a steak knife at their home on State Road 119. A friend who lived with the couple called 911, according to the police report. Officers found Tina Kasten on a loveseat in the living room of the home with a chest wound and her husband in the garage covered in blood with a steak knife nearby. He reportedly told officers he stabbed himself and said repeatedly he wanted to die.

Both were taken to Pulaski Memorial Hospital, where Tina Kasten was pronounced dead. Michael Kasten Sr. was airlifted from PMH to Parkview Hospital in Fort Wayne. The friend who was in the home when the stabbing occurred told investigators from the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Office the couple had been arguing and drinking for two days and Michael had been saying he was going to kill himself. She also said Michael had been threatening to kill Tina and himself since his last drunk driving arrest and had brought various knives into the garage.

The couple argued right before the stabbing, according to the witness, who also said she heard Michael threaten to kill Tina earlier that day. Another family member told a Pulaski County Sheriff’s Deputy they were constantly drinking and arguing with each other and said he had seen Michael beat Tina previously.

Michael Kasten is still hospitalized, according to officials at the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department. A spokesman for Parkview Hospital in Fort Wayne advised WKVI News he was not listed in the patient directory.

An Indiana State Police Crime Scene Technician, officers from the Winamac Police Department, the Pulaski County Coroner’s Office, Pulaski County EMS and Winamac Fire Department all aided in the response.