Culver Town Council Reviews EMS Ordinance

culver town hall

The Town of Culver will soon have an ordinance establishing its very own EMS Department.

During a work session on Tuesday, Council members reviewed language in the ordinance and had an opportunity to ask questions about the language. Difficulty has been experienced attracting and retaining volunteers to serve on the volunteer EMS department in Culver-Union Township.

Town Attorney Jim Clevenger says there’s a bit of a balance with other government bodies.

“It contemplates a continued marriage with the Township at a 50/50 rate. But because it’s going to be your department, it puts the operation of the EMS under your direction and not under that of [Union] Township,” says Clevenger.

An inter-governmental agreement has been prepared for Union Township’s consideration to provide funding for the new EMS Department.

Using volunteers to exclusively operate the department has proven unreliable. In order to ensure adequate staffing, Culver plans to hire a full-time director and possible pay staff while still utilizing volunteer services.

The ordinance language establishes the Department within the Town of Culver and sets guidelines for discipline. In addition, the ordinance points to the future departments’ Standard Operating Procedure – which was developed over the course of several months.

Clevenger says he would still recommend including a portion that establishing a proper hierarchy.

“If there is an issue over discipline, an issue over pay, an issue over whatever it might be, that the aggrieved parties, you know, if it can’t be worked out with the director, then they have the ability to go to the Town Council,” says Clevenger.

The Town Council will be conducting the second round of interviews with candidates who have applied for the open EMS Director position in the coming weeks.

The ordinance will likely go to a public hearing at the next Town Council meeting.