Fundraisers Become Inmates Through Relay For Life


The facility is not being fully used, presenting an opportunity to fundraise for a good cause.

Starke County Relay for Life will be hosting an event on May 21st that mimics being jailed. Individuals can surrender themselves at the new Starke County Jail on that date, or issue a “warrant” for someone’s “arrest.”

Starke County Relay for Life Event Chair Ericka Taylor-Joseph says participants would indeed be physically in a cell.

“They have to try and drum up some business and get people to come bail them out. They can either pay cash, check, or credit card to the bail bondsman that will be on site,” says Taylor-Joseph. “And hopefully they’ll raise enough money to get out of jail.”

Once that person has been placed inside the jail, funds have to be raised to bail that person out. The funds are used as fundraising dollars through Relay for Life and the American Cancer Society.

Starke County Sheriff Bill Dulin came up with the idea according to Taylor-Joseph. The event is designed to show the public the new jail, but also give back to the community.

The Relay for Life teams have a goal of $250 each during the event. Taylor-Joseph says those funds go straight into a Relay for Life account.

“Relay for Life is part of the American Cancer society and that is used for cancer research as well as services for some of our cancer patients in our area,” says Taylor-Joseph.

Inmates facing prosecution from the state are expected to be moved-in shortly after the jail opens to the public. That means the fundraiser is likely a one-time experience.

Those still interested in donating to cancer research can participate in the Relay for Life event taking place on June 12th at the Starke County Fairgrounds.