Gaming Legislation Becomes Law In Indiana

DermodyA piece of legislation affecting Indiana’s gaming business was allowed to become law.

State Representative Tom Dermody discussed House Enrolled Act 1540 during a visit to Knox in April, saying the legislation was the biggest jobs bill of the session in Indianapolis.

Dermody sponsored the legislation with Northwest Indiana in mind, saying he believes the legislation will keep the state competitive.

According to a bill summary, the gaming legislation allows riverboats to move onto adjacent land to building casinos, provided they meet certain requirements. Indiana is facing an increasingly competitive gambling marketplace from Michigan and Illinois. Certain tax deductions are also made permanent.

Governor Mike Pence has previously indicated he did not want the bill to expand gambling in the state. The Governor allowed the bill to become law without signing the legislation – which is allowable in Indiana.

Dermody anticipates that riverboat casinos are now more likely to build and construct updated facilities.