Knox High School Special Needs Students Help Prepare Computers for Sale to the Community


Finding a working computer in good condition can be quite a daunting task. Knox High School wants to make that process easier on you. During the first week of June, students, parents and community members have the chance to come down to the high school and purchase a MacBook Laptop for $120. The laptops have been returned to factory settings and have undergone thorough checks by a helpful group of students.

Dr. Ratliff explained the responsibilities involved, “We have a life skills special needs class that is very good at consistent tasks. They have taken the laptops out of the bags, they have checked the screws on them, they have cleaned them, they have polished them, put the cords together. A lot of those tasks that they would see if they were at an assembly line or anything like that.”

Parents have the opportunity to purchase these laptops on June 3 starting at 10 am and ending at 1 pm. The computer sale open to all members of the community is June 4 from 10 am until noon (CST). Payment during the open sale must be cash, credit or money order. No checks will be accepted. For further information contact the Knox High School at 574-772-1654.