Knox School Board Receives Cafeteria Bids

Knox-School-Board-2014Members of the Knox School Board reviewed bids for some new equipment, Monday night.

Knox Elementary School is considered to be in desperate need of upgrades to its kitchen area. Keeping costs for the equipment low required the board to seek bids.

According to Knox School Board members, equipment for food preparation as well as seating space was incorporated into the bid reviewed on Monday. Board member Mary Lynn Ritchie says the changes are pretty major.

“You’ll notice a whole different cafeteria area where the kids are going to be eat and obviously it’s a whole different school cooking area,” says Ritchie.

Some of the school’s older equipment will continue to be used during the upgrades.

The work comes courtesy of an addition not to exceed $2-million to the elementary school. That project is expected to add about 5,500 square feet to the site. Bonds issued to pay for the project would be repaid out of the school corporation’s debt service fund over a four-year period.

Work to the kitchen and cafeteria has already started according to Ritchie, but the new equipment is part of the upgrades.

The Knox School Board also reviewed a contract for athletic trainers on Monday night.

The trainers are expected to attend sporting events and be available to students who believe they may have been injured.

Ritchie says there are a few reasons a trainer is needed.

“It’s just for safety of our kids and the school,” says Ritchie. “The schools that come, you know, it’s just having someone there in case someone does get hurt.”

The contract was renewed with the existing athletic trainer.