LaCrosse Grain Elevator Decisions in Holding Pattern

Boom 28A grain storage company is still awaiting reports from several key agencies to make any decisions.

More than one month has passed since a Co-Alliance grain elevator – used for hog feed – exploded in LaCrosse. Flames took fewer than 30 minutes to extinguish, but four employees were injured, being treated for burn wounds. All had been released from the hospital by early May.

Co-Alliance Safety and Risk Manager Shawn Lambert says several reports have yet to be completed, including an assessment from their insurance company.

“We’re still waiting for our insurance company to give us clearance as far as them completing their inspection and then demolition can occur,” says Lambert.

The Indiana State Fire Marshall’s Office and OSHA are still actively working to complete their investigation. The structural integrity of the grain elevator in LaCrosse may be slowing efforts.

Co-Alliance has been visiting its sites around the state to check for compliance with their safety standards. Lambert says the Avon-based company is not speculating on what the Fire Marshall will rule.

“Without having a cause, it’s been a challenge for us to pinpoint any specific item,” says Lambert.

There are no plans to rebuild the site at this time.

Of the four workers injured in the incident, one is back at work with the other three still undergoing rehabilitation.

A timeline for the completion of the reports is unknown.