Last E-Learning Day at West Central Today

 Students in the West Central School Corporation will participate in their last e-learning day today. The corporation was granted the chance to make up missed school days this year by completing assignments online.

Students received assignments on Thursday. They will work on those assignments online today as it coincides with the one-to-one computer program.

Two e-learning days have been used so far this year. Superintendent Don Street said it has been positive, and another survey will be conducted after this last makeup day.

“Based on that survey we’ll be able to gauge where the future lies for us if we need to utilize or choose to utilize e-learning for next year,” said Street. “I think overall over half of our students enjoyed or liked e-learning.”

In all, three e-learning days were used this year.

Street added that the school board installed another built-in snow make-up day in the 2015-2016 school year. There were only two days built into this year’s calendar.