Local Schools Recognize Teachers During Teacher Appreciation Week

 Area schools are recognizing the work of their teachers over the next several days.

National Teacher Appreciation Week is being celebrated across the country, and the Indiana State Teachers Association says the recognition will remind teachers their efforts are being noticed.

The ISTA is the state’s largest education employee organization. Officials say a small gesture can be meaningful to individuals in the profession.

At Knox Community High School, teachers are being offered meals throughout the week. Principal Elizabeth Ratliff says students can also write notes to a teacher in the school corporation that they believe has had an impact on their lives. The notes will be left in the teacher’s inboxes the following day.

Eastern Pulaski Schools are doing separate activities. The PTA is working with the elementary school to recognize teachers during an event. The school corporation says it also intends to send out an e-mail thanking the teachers during the week.

Oregon-Davis High School will be putting a gift in the teacher’s inbox every day this week. High School Principal Tim Pletcher says it will culminate on Friday with a thank you letter and a poem.

In Marshall County, Culver High School will be bringing in food for their teachers over a lunch hour one day this week. Coffee mugs will also be distributed to the teachers.

The ISTA says it has nearly 40-thousand members.