New Fence Installed around Monterey Building Remnants

sportsmans chain link fenceA chain link fence now surrounds the rubble where the Sportsman’s Bar and Grill in Monterey once stood.

The area had been contained with a temporary, orange, construction-type fence. A portion of the fence was secured to a dumpster that is no longer on the site. That led Pulaski County Building Administrator Dave Dare to contact a locally registered contractor in order to install a six-foot, self-supporting chain-link fence around the area this week for enhanced security.

Dare added that his department is in the process of making the legal notification to the current owner to attend a hearing before the Hearing Authority concerning property clean-up. He noted that cleanup would proceed as soon as possible.

The building at the southeast corner of Walnut and Main Streets collapsed in the evening hours of Thursday, April 23. No injuries were reported. Dare believes that water deteriorated the integrity of the exterior of the brick building that led to the structure collapse. The presence of asbestos has been found in the fallen debris.