NJ-SP Elementary Students Learn Value of Charity in Cancer Education

NJSP ElementaryStudents at North Judson-San Pierre Elementary School had the chance to learn about health and cancer prevention, last week.

Students in each grade level participated in the American Cancer Society’s “Relay Recess” program. The event takes cancer education to the classroom by recognizing those afflicted with the disease and teaching students about charitable causes.

NJ-SP Kindergarten Teacher Katrina Harper says the students were excited to participate in the fight against cancer.

“They’re able to help others learn about how to prevent cancer in their own lives, but they’re also understanding that they can help others by giving back to the American Cancer Society which will help educate other people, they can do the research and help people that are fighting cancer,” says Harper.

Relay Recess focuses its health education to simple cancer prevention techniques, including: using sun protection, exercise and diet habits, and staying tobacco free.

Students in each grade level had 30 minutes to walk laps around a track near the elementary school to earn wrist bands. The bands, provided by the P-T-O, were designed to get the students talking to others about cancer prevention.

Harper says the educational aspect is part of larger fundraising efforts.

“The students have been having Penny Wars, bringing in their change, and having a competition between the grades K through Five in the building. Each day the money is charted outside the cafeteria so they can see which grade level is winning,” says Harper.

If students reached their $1,000 goal, eight teachers at the school have volunteered to have pies smashed in their faces.

NJ-SP Elementary School reached that goal on Friday. The fourth grade class raised over $200. The pie contest will take place on Wednesday.