NJ-SP Sees Reduced Revenue in New Funding Formula

North Judson-San Pierre Admin buildingThe North Judson-San Pierre School Board took a hit on revenue.

Figures have been finalized by the state of Indiana. Funding was determined as part of a two-year budget deal struck near the end of the long-session of the General Assembly.

NJ-SP Superintendent Lynn Johnson says some funding categories saw an increase, especially special education.

“Even with the increase in categories of special education is still doesn’t meet the needs that we have,” says Johnson.

The North Judson-San Pierre School Corporation was prepared to lose quite a bit in the next calendar year budget, but still managed to take a hit of $472-thousand in the next calendar year. That figure only holds if a projected 42 students leave the district. Administrators don’t believe the figure will be that high.

Among the changes affecting their revenue is a change to the Tier II Complexity Index, formerly known as free-and-reduced lunch. That is now partly known as area welfare recipients.

Johnson says certain segments of Tier II actually saw an increase, such as “English as a New Language.”

“We’re not really impacted by that,” says Johnson. “We’re starting to be a little bit, but not significantly like some other corporations that would get quite a bit of increased funding through that Tier II.”

Rural school corporations have generally seen reduced funding levels due to declining student enrollment and populations. Although the state of Indiana increased educational funding to the base, area schools have consistently said there are more schools seeking those funds.

North Judson-San Pierre says they plan to continue marketing efforts during the summer months in an effort to attract students to their schools.

No action was taken by the school board.