NJ-SP Students Prepared for Horrifyingly Funny Spring Production

North Judson-San Pierre High School
North Judson-San Pierre High School

Several students at North Judson-San Pierre High School will scare you, and perhaps make you laugh even more.

The school will be putting-on its spring play this weekend. The cast will put their own spin on “Little Shop of Horrors,” this year. The rock musical and comedy tells the story of a florist who raises a plant with an appetite for human flesh.

Director Sarah DeRossi says there’s something for everyone.

“I bet anybody who comes to see it will be walking out with a song in their head, maybe not the same song, but somebody’s going to be walking out with a song in their head,” says DeRossi.

Audience members may recognize the storyline from a couple of relatively famous movies.

At North Judson-San Pierre, the cast is considered relatively young for a spring production. Still, the students manage to introduce several genres of music, including do-wop to help narrate the scenes, Motown, and rock-n-roll.

High School Senior Manden Minix plays the part of Seymour, the florist responsible for caring for the plant. He says the character’s choices are questionable.

“I’m a psychopath,” says Minix said of the character. “Softcore. A softcore psychopath. I feed people to a plant. There’s not much to be said about that.”

Speaking about the production, students say the script is challenging but they’re having fun in the process.

Productions will take place on May 15th, 16th, and 17th at the North Judson-San Pierre High School Auditorium.