No Funding Loss Expected at Oregon-Davis Schools

Oregon-Davis-Jr_Sr-BuildingOne school corporation in the area will not worry about funding cuts for the 2015-2016 school year.

Oregon-Davis School Superintendent Greg Briles says that the school’s funding will stay status quo for the upcoming year. It’s all due to enrollment.

“For the last three years, our enrollment has been status quo,” commented Briles. “We started out at approximately 580 students and last year we were at approximately 612 at one point. We came back down to 596, and we go back up, so we’re pretty close to what our projections are for the future. If not, we’re increasing in some of those areas.”

Briles says that’s good news for Oregon-Davis schools.

“With the upgrades in technology and the continued class offerings with Project Lead the Way, we’re very excited about the opportunities that we can offer the students in the area. I don’t think we are going to be second to any corporation in this area as far as our offerings.”

Project Lead the Way courses in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math will begin next year for elementary students starting in the second grade. They will also begin for junior high students and continue for high school students.